The Granary Wedding Venue

The Granary Wedding Venue with a Unicorn!!

Through November I performed at lots of weddings but one stood out from all the rest it was one of the most magical I’ve seen at The Granary Wedding Venue in Fawsley.Not only did they have a magician (yours truly) but they had fairies and even a unicorn.

Even though the day started with rain at The Granary Wedding Venue in Fawsley which
to be honest caused a few problems with umbrellas and a big white dress the happiness and atmosphere of the day was still high and Natalie and Glenn were not going to let it spoil their day.

The Granary Hotel

Just after the ceremony the sun came out and across the fields was an amazing rainbow which just added to the magic of the day, it also meant the kids could have unicorn rides while I entertained the bride, groom and all their guests.

I’m always honoured to be asked to be part of someones special day as a magician at someones biggest day of their lives you’ve got to be noticed and entertaining but not to much you have to remember its about the bride and groom not yourself its took many years of performing to get that balance right but i think I’ve got it perfect now.

Wedding at The Granary, Flawsley

The photos in this blog post were all taken by the extremely talented Nick Labrum and I’ve got to give a shout out to the staff at The Granary Wedding Venue in Flawsley they made everything run so smoothly it was incredible.

Wedding at The Granary, Flawsley