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Teeling Whiskey - DublinMagic and Teeling Whiskey

So I get this call “We’d like you to come and perform at our Core Horizons 2016 corporate event.”
“Okay where is it being held.” “Dublin.”
“Okay, thats great I like Dublin, which venue in Dublin.” “Teeling Whiskey Distillery.” “I’m on my way.” :)

Teeling Whiskey - DublinAnd that was it on the morning of the 24th
November Core Horizons flew me out of Birmingham airport heading for the bright lights of Dublin to perform at their #corehorizon2016 corporate event which was being held in Teeling Whiskey distillery.

The Core Horizon invited guests were first taken on a tour of the new distillery then on to whiskey tasting and then they had a free bar with a live band & magic (from myself) before the all important awards were given out.

To say it was a great night doesn’t do it justice every guest there was in a fun mood and up for the craic as the locals say.

(I think the Whiskey helped)

So what is The Teeling Distillery it’s an Irish whiskey distillery established in Dublin in 2015.  It is the first new whiskey distillery to have opened in Dublin in over 125 years. The symbol of the brand, a phoenix rising from a pot still, symbolises the re-establishment of the Teeling whiskey brand.

Recently, at the 2016 World Whiskies Awards they were awarded.

Single Malt – Teeling 24 Year Old Single Malt
Best Irish Single Malt (no age statement) – Teeling Single Malt
Irish Single Grain – Teeling Single Grain

Teeling Whiskey - DublinAfter the show I chilled out in a local bar (or two) close to my hotel ‘The Dublin Citi Hotel’ where I entertained some of the bar staff with some impromptu magic for free whiskey obviously.

Teeling Whiskey Distillery
The Dublin Citi Hotel
Magician in Dublin
The Norseman Bar