Sandvik Trade Show

Sandvik Trade showTrade-show in a quarry

The global company Sandvik which were founded in 1862 by Goran Fredrik Goransson in Sweden. Have asked me to perform at the their HillHead Trade Show stand again for the second time. The show is held every two years in Hill Head’s quarry which is a lime stone quarry near Buxton.

This show is for all quarry manufactures of vehicles, diggers, Cutters and Crushers companies include JCB, Volvo, Sandvik, CAT and lots more. The show runs for three days through July which means I get to perform my corporate close up magic to 1000’s of customers to the Sandvik stand.

Sandvik Trade ShowThe limestone quarry is in the heart of Buxton. Which means when the sun comes out it gets hot, very hot indeed but when it rains boy does it get wet its not the first time I’ve worn wellies with a suit while doing card tricks.

Three things about Quarries you might not know…

1. Pits and quarries are, by nature, self-consuming. Once a quarry’s stone, sand and gravel have been fully extracted it’s no longer necessary to keep it open. Sites can stay open for 35 years or more but many are depleted within 5 years.

2. Water-filled quarries can be very deep, often 50 ft (15 m) or more, and surprisingly cold, so swimming in quarry lakes is generally not recommended.

3. The attractive colouring of the water is caused by the surrounding limestone rocks which leach calcite crystals into the water, turning it turquoise. The alkalinity comes from calcium oxide, a white powder which would have originally been left around the site as a by-product of the quarrying process.