Magic Circle Magician of the year 2013

Magic Circle MagicianThe Magic Circle Magician of the Year 2013

So it was a Monday night, March 2013 there was tension in the air and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous sat back stage in the theatre, you see it was the biggest annual competition in the magic calendar the one every close up magician wants to win ‘The Magic Circle Magician of the Year’.

I was one of the eight finalist’s in this¬†years competition held at The Magic Circle Headquarters in London.

I had eight minutes to impress the audience and judges who were sleight of hand expert Guy Hollingsworth, Street magician and countdown star Paul Zenon and eighties pop star Marc Almond.

It was a close competition with some great acts and the judges had a difficult decision but after some deliberation I was placed third out of eight in the final which although not a win i’m very pleased with.

(photo of me and MC president Jack Delvin).

Magic Circle Magician