Member of The Inner Magic Circle

The Magic CircleProud Member of The Inner Magic Circle

I’m very proud to write on my Blog that I’m now a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star which is the highest degree in The Magic Circle and can only be awarded by call of the president himself.

This degree is also limited to 300 worldwide, the president Jack Delvin said in his letter.

“It is with very great pleasure that I call you to the degree of Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

There is no doubt that you deserve this for the excellence of your contribution to the art of magic with your thoroughly professional and entertaining performances, especially in the field of close-up.The Inner Magic Circle

My announcment was met with the unanimous approval of the Council.

With grateful thanks also for your generosity in helping The Magic Circle in its aim to bring super quality magic to the genral public.”

Other members of the Inner Circle with Gold Star also include such magicians as Tommy Cooper, Dynamo, Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Derren Brown and even HRH The Prince of Wales.

Five facts about the Magic Circle…

1. The Magic Circle was founded in 1905 after a meeting of 23 amateur and professional magicians at London’s Pinoli’s Restaurant.

2. The motto of the society is the Latin indocilis privata loqui, which the club claims to mean “not apt to disclose secrets”

3. Prince Charles is  a member of the Inner Magic Circle

4. The Magic Circle HQ was voted the UK’s Number One Venue in the hospitality industry’s Top 20 UK Venues poll 2008.

5. The Magic Circle HQ is known as the house of a thousand secrets