Fourteen magicians travel to Brussels

Corporate Magician - Fourteen MagiciansFourteen Magicians travel to Brussels

This doesn’t happen very often but I was with a team of Fourteen magicians that were asked to travel to Brussels to entertain at a corporate engagement at the MCE conference centre on the 4th & 5th November which was organised by Chosen Events.On the 4th November we all travelled on the Euro star, which was fun and stopped in a very nice hotel. That evening we performed a combination of Close up magic mix and mingling, mentalism and comedy.

Then we performed close up magic around the 140 tables set out in the MCE conference centre. That evening when we’d finished we all went for dinner in a nice Belgium restaurant and had a few beers to relax.

The next day before travelling back we had a quick sight seeing trip around Brussels, bought some chocolate obviously not sure what the shop keeper thought with fourteen guys all wanting to buy chocolate. We then packed up and headed off to the Channel Tunnel to travel back.

I know a group of Giraffes is a “Tower of Giraffes”.
I know a group of Crows is a “Murder of Crows”

But not sure what the term is for a group of magicians any how I wouldn’t trust any of them!

Corporate Magician - Fourteen Magicians