Cup Cards

Cup Cards by Will GrayCup Cards by Will Gray

So What is Cup Cards? Theres two types of magicians, those who work events and those who create magic.

Theres not many who do both, Well I’m a working magician doing gigs a but I’ve now stepped into the world of creation.

I’ve created a great little magic effect for magicians which I’ve been performing for a couple of years now at weddings and corporate events. The effect is the oldest trick know to man which is the cups and balls but this is with a twist its on playing cards.

I’ve created a few effects for magicians and I’ve lectured to a lot of magicians but this is the first effect I’ve created which is being sold worldwide and has been received with great reviews.

If you would like to purchase the effect for your own act you can do directly from me for £16 free postage, just drop me an email at know you’ll love it. If you want to see it live at your event Click here.

Review of Cup Cards
Review of Cup Cards

If you see me at a magic convention ask me to show it to you.