Beefy Charity Foundation hold halloween party

Beefy Charity FoundationBeefy Charity Foundation

The Beefy Charity Foundation held an Halloween party on 5th November 2014. This Halloween party is probably the best I’ve ever been too.

I spent the evening of Halloween performing Close-Up magic for Sir Ian Botham.Ian booked me to perform at his Halloween Charity Meal in aid of his Charity Foundation.

From the arrival where guests had to walk through a graveyard setting into the drinks reception. I performed spooky magic for his one hundred invited guests in the drinks champagne reception. Then around the tables during the spooky meal in a fantastically dressed room. A lot of thought had gone into the meal with little touches like the gravy even came in a syringe like blood and smoke poured from the tables. The atmosphere was incredible and there was surprises all the way through the night with a great speech by Ian himself.

Beefy Charity FoundationAfter the meal there were some teriffic dancers performing sets from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. Then onto a firework display which was amazing with moving skeletons and mummies.

About the Beefy Charity Foundation
The Foundation helps to fund specific projects relating to chronic illnesses and other challenges that young people face.

These are serious issues, but the foundation likes to raise money by having a lot of fun. They raise money from a series of high profile events (and additional donations) and really appreciate any interest and support you would like to offer.

“Throughout the year there are different Events taking place for the Foundation. They are extremely lucky to have some fantastic supporters who hold events for them as well as the Foundation hosting some of their own events such as this. For further details on forthcoming events or to have a look at some of our previous events. Go to